The DRY ICE Team was on hand at the 20th Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival!  Festival goers were excited to check out DRY ICE and we were there to deliver, answer questions, and sell our tools directly to our passionate ice brethren.

After 393 miles and 6.5 hours of driving, we were at IME early to setup the DRY ICE Booth. 

Some the questions we got were fully expected, and some were not:

What the heck are these and what are they for? Gym safe indoor ice and mixed climbing training tools.

How strong are they? About 550lbs.

Why don't you sell a tethering device with them? Because we didn't want to have to charge more, and we wanted to leave the choice of tethering device to the climber.  We are however working on an economical tether produced by Furnace Industries.

Did you rip off the Nomic? No.

Do you need all jugs in order to use them? Absolutely not! In fact, smaller holds work extremely well! So long as they have some positivity.

What happens when you twist the strap? Nothing. It's made to be able to twist and it's wicked strong.

How much are they? $99.95

Smart Idea! Where can I get mine? RIGHT HERE on our site, Rock and Snow, and now IME in North Conway NH!

After a long day of meeting with future DRY ICEr's, it was time to cut loose, and Mon Voyage Neon was ready to deliver.  He also gave a master class on how to run a raffle.  All business, no chit chat.  Mr. Petzl got it duuuuun. 


DRY ICE Tools by Furnace Industries. Official Sponsor of the 2013 MWV Ice Fest!


One of the most special moments for DRY ICE President Ben Carlson was watching Rick Wilcox and John Bragg talk about the first ascent of Repentance in 1973.  Rick pulled out all the gear they use don that ascent in preparation for a repeat 40 years later! Wooden axes, a hammer, pitons, old old school screws, a Whillans harness, the top of the line boots of the day (basicaly glorified hiking boots), 40 year old lowe foot fangs, and, the ROPE they used on the ascent (I hope they don't use that rope...)


Day 2 at Ice Fest.  The team was on hand, ready to make contact!


After the morning session, it was time to get out on the ice.  Here, the DRY ICE mobile sits below the 25 sec approach to the Thresher Slabs at the north end of Cathedral Ledge.


Sales were made.  Awareness was built. Climbers were educated.  DRY ICE is HERE!

After an amazing couple days in the North Conway area, DRY ICE made a demo pit stop at the enormous and recently opened Evolution Climbing and Fitness in Concord NH.  Thank you Hillary for having us!

Thanks again to the MWV Ice Fest team, Mike Wejchert (, Anne Skidmore (Anne Skidmore Photography), Ashley Link, and to IME for all the support and exposure!