Retailers & Notes for Climbing Gyms

If you area retailer interested in becoming a dealer of Furance Industries products, please Contact Us for our Catalogue and Price List.

Current Retailers

USA: , Mountain Gear , and Rock and Resole

Italy: Oliunìd Shop

Canada: MEC

UK: Dick's Climbing Bristol UK

France: Challanka

Climbing Gyms, Facilities, and Camps

With DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES in your rental inventory, your customers finally get to safely train for ice and mixed climbing pursuits, making your facility even more diverse and useful. Change your facility into an ice tower without the $2 million price tag. DRY ICE is proud to offer a 20% discount on DRY ICE Tools, ICICLES, Holds, and Tape to our Gym Partners.  Please contact us at for more information.