Meet the reason we decided to create DRY ICE.  The father of modern mixed climbing: Jeff Lowe.  Without him, mixed climbing would even be a 'thing'.

From Jeff Lowe's Site:  Jeff Lowe's Metanoia uses Switzerland's Eiger as the hub of a remarkable life story. For nine harrowing days in the winter of 1991, Jeff Lowe pieced together a nearly impossible route up the very center of the Eiger's North Face. This is the story behind that climb – an act of imagination – that has become legendary. Jon Krakauer photographed Jeff's ascent for Men's Journal. 20 years later the NY Times best selling author narrates the greater, more compelling story behind that climb and what lies beneath Jeff's high adventure lifestyle. Original film footage from the archives captures visionary firsts, key instructional lessons and exciting new retakes on old stories. Amazing new helicopter footage brings the film alive!