4/1/2019. For immediate release.:

Furnace Industries is proud to announce the release of the long-awaited Trad Glasses®.


TG’s® take the pressure off traditional rock climbers with proprietary web-connected smart technology that pools the collective knowledge of climbers from Mountain Project’s gear placement beta project into a visual and textual database of gear placements for every climb on earth. No longer will a climber have to sketch out while trying to figure out which size cam to place in that flaring crack. TG’s® augment the reality of rock climbing with indications of what size, type and brand of climbing protection can be placed in every crack on the cliff.


While wearing TG’s®, climbers now ascend the cliff armed with the knowledge of decades of beta right in front of their eyes. Fueled by PlastiCORE technology, TG’s® source their power from a limitless supply by converting discarded plastic found in the oceans into energy.

Climb. Augmented. TG’s® Only from Furnace Industries.

$129.95 (with Lifetime data subscription plan). Available NOW!

Coming soon: Tickless Bouldering Beta Glasses for Boulderers, Placement Integrations for Aid climbers, Depth Sensing Technology for Ideal Ice Screw length indication for Ice Climbers, and more. Stay Tuned!