It’s that time!  The Ouray Ice Festival, the biggest, baddest, most amazing ice festival on planet earth happens this weekend and Furnace Industries is proud to return as a sponsor.  This time we have the tool that has everyone in the ice universe talking, a great prize for our annual pull-up contest, and a flagship product that has completely changed the game.

If simply being in beautiful Ouray, Colorado wasn’t awesome enough, here are 3 reasons to swing by the Furance Industries booth:

1. We invented a new ice axe!

The KRONOS is the world’s first ’T’ rated CE Certified ice tool MADE OF WOOD.

 It’s gorgeous, climbs amazingly, offers features no other tool can offer, and YES, we will have them available to demo. This is a big deal. Why? No other wood ice tool in history has achieved the 'T' rating. The KRONOS is the first. Don’t know what a ’T’ rating is? You should, our lives depend on it.

2. The Annual DRY ICE Tools Pull-up Contest!

 It's open to any man/woman/child/bighorn sheep/space alien. The winner will be whoever knocks out the most pull-ups. The contest is cumulative, starts on Friday at 8 a.m. and finishes on Saturday at 4 p.m.  Climbers can pop in, crank out 10, head out climbing, swing back, crank out 10 more, go have a beer, crank out 10 more... Last year, our comp brought out some big guns at Ouray. Tobias Smith won with 289 pullups! Tobias won a signed copy of Steve House’s Training for the New Alpinism.  This year the prize is the top-of-the-line Maxim Rope , the 9.5 x 60m 2X Dry Bi-Pattern Pinnacle Yellow Jacket. That's a $369 prize folks. Get excited for this pull-up THROWDOWN!

3. DRY ICE Tools.

Our original product has blown up in the past year in large part to a fan base that understands that training in the off-season, even a small amount, leads to big results in strength, muscle memory, and confidence.  They also appreciate well-crafted, excellently-designed products.  Many climbing gyms now own their own DRY ICE Tools as well as our ICICLES and offer clinics to members on ice climbing movement.

Do not miss this!  Get down to Ouray and check us out.  We also have some other new surprises, freebie pick protectors, and our usual pithy and humorous sticker selection to decorate your helmet/car/water bottle/wind deflector/friend's forehead when they're sleeping...