DRY ICE Tools will be at the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Aug 6-9 in Salt Lake City Utah! Booth #PV3176

We will have our DRY ICE Tools ready for demo on the DRY ICE Hangboard.  We will also be launching a new product: DRY ICICLES.  ICICLES are DRY ICE Tools for climbers with smaller hands and also kids.  ICICLES use the same strap as our full size DRY ICE Tools so the range of holds available for use is the same.  ICICLES are the perfect addiction to a gym's rental fleet as they can now offer ice and mixed climbing classes for children.

Also, and this is crazy exciting, we'll be unveiling our latest creation, the Kronos, a wooden technical ice climbing ax.  Harkening back to mountaineering's root when long alpenstocks were made from hickory shafts, the Kronos is a wood handled technical climbing ax meant for pure ice climbing.  Our custom designed pick is perfect for steep technical ice and mixed climbing, informed by our collective 50 years of winter climbing experience.  Says product designer Geoirge Fisher, "I wanted a tool that I had an organic connection with.  A tool that other climbers could tactilely engage with and send information down the shaft of the tool about the ice that other tools available on the market today cannot.  I believe the wooden shaft is unique in it's ability to connect the climber to the medium in a deeper way, physically and emotionally.  It's not just another aluminum tool."

Read more and see an early version of the Kronos in action here: http://www.dryicetools.com/kronos/

So come on by our booth and check out DRY ICICLES, Kronos, and of course have a hang on DRY ICE Tools.  Or just swing by and chat about dry tooling!  Booth #PV3176