This past weekend DRY ICE Tools was a sponsor at the 17th annual Arcteryx Bozeman Ice Festival.  Festival goers were able to pick up tons of swag from us and were able to demo DRY ICE Tools in the portable Ice Tower courtesy of Don Foote, organizer of the upcoming Cody Ice Festival.

DRY ICE Tools Co-Owner Ben Carlson and de facto DRY ICE Team member Dana Williams were on hand interact directly with customers, answer questions about DRY ICE Tools, and most importantly get to word out about our company.

Also we finally got to meet a couple of our sponsored DRY ICE Athletes who were in attendance for the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup North American Championships. The field of competition climbers included some of the best climbers in the world Including Gord Macarthur, Will Gadd, Ines Papert, and Angelika Rainer.  DRY ICE Athlete and Durango CO native Marcus Garcia of The Rock Lounge placed well among very tough competition.  Olympic Athlete Andy Turner, one of only 2 members of the Great Britain Ice Climbing Team chosen to Represent the UK in Sochi, was not able to make the trek to Bozeman.  Looks like at trip to the UK is in our future!
These events are always great places to meet up with friends, make new ones, and climb on some of the best terrain in the world.  No doubt, DRY ICE will be back again in 2014, and we can not wait.  Till then, come see us at these upcoming events: