Saturday, October 5th, 2013.  The day the East Coast Climbing Scene will forever remember as the day that The Cliffs LIC officially altered climbing reality, and DRY ICE was proud to be an integral part of the seismic shift...

The Grand Opening of this amazing new climbing gym was this past Saturday, and the event was mindblowing!  In addition to the DRY ICE Team, there were several major gear reps on hand as well as reps from local retailers, and EASILY over 2,000 Climbers throughout the day.  And the festivities just kept going late into the evening! There were so many people at The Cliffs late on a Saturday that you'd have thought it was a club in the Meatpacking District. Circus performers, jugglers, aerialists, the only indoor high line in the world, DRY ICE Routes, a massage station, and pumping music from Mon Voyage Neon via a sick pro audio sound system made the Grand Opening one that will send ripples of RAD through the climbing scene for years to come.

The Cliffs LIC is the largest climbing gym on the east coast, and it's right smack in the heart of NYC.  It offers:

  • Over 30,000 sq. ft. of climbing terrain
  • Over 125 top rope stations and tons of lead climbing
  • DRY ICE Routes for use with DRY ICE Tools!
  • The World's Only Indoor High Line
  • 16ft Top-out bouldering
  • Rappel tower
  • Expertly set routes for all ability levels, from kids to pros
  • Professional instructors with a passion for climbing
  • Private Climbing & Party room
  • Full Fitness Gym

Mike Wolfert, Bill Baer and a host of ultra-motivated, ultra-talented climbers opened this gym, harnessing the talent and unprecedented depth of skill of the NYC climbing community.  Faced with many construction challenges, its amazing that this place even exists.  Ultimately, the amount of things that went terribly wrong were outnumbered by the amount of things that went very right.

DRY ICE was there offering free demos to climbers.  Overwhelmed by the interest (thanks to a prime location!), there was LINE for the tools all day, and we actually sold out of our on hand stock! (Fear not, DRY ICE Tools are still available in our store.) Expect to find DRY ICE Tools for rent at the counter at The Cliffs soon, as well as for sale in their retail section.

The opening of The Cliffs is easily the most exciting development in the NYC climbing universe, for reasons to many to count.  Just go there and you'll understand.  There is so much terrain, so much talent, and so much climbing diversity, including DRY ICE Routes.  Before the walls were even finished, it was clear that this gym will pump out stronger climbers than anyone has ever seen. Climbing world take notice: The Cliffs is your new nexus.