Changing a Pick on a Kronos Ice Tool

The Kronos is a unique ice climbing tool, yet our purpose-designed pick interface is not complicated.

Below are step-by-step instructions describing how to swap out the picks on your tools:

Kronos Pick Change 2.jpg

Remove bolts. Take care not to lose the nuts as they may loosen from the opposite side of the tools.

Kronos Pick Change 3.jpg

Grab the pick.  Hold the handle and twist the pick to create a small gap.  Insert small screwdriver at the location in the photo.

Kronos Pick Change 4.jpg

Repeat twisting motion and insert a second screwdriver on the opposite side if the pick. The pick will now be removable.

Kronos Pick Change 5.jpg

Unique to our pick interface, the raised islands of material inside the tool shaft hold the Kronos pick in place.  The islands transfer the energy of pick strikes into the laminate and down the shaft for a soft, sensitive swing.

Kronos Pick Change 6.jpg

Insert new pick.  Make sure the tongue of the pick inserts completely into the groove inside the shaft.

Kronos Pick Change 7.jpg

Using fingers, gently spread the halves of the Kronos shaft to fully insert and seat the pick.

Kronos Pick Change 8.jpg

Reinstall the nuts and bolts. Use Loctite 243 on the threads of the bolts.

Kronos Pick Change 9.jpg

Re-install and tighten bolts to 7ft-lbs for the pick bolts, 5 ft-lbs for the spike bolt.

Kronos Pick Change 10.jpg

Enjoy climbing with your Kronos!  Remember to oil the shaft at least once a season with Liberon Finishing Oil to maintain the clean look of your tools.

Kronos Mixed Picks.jpg