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The KRONOS® is the world's first 'T' rated, CE certified technical ice climbing tool made from wood.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 1 lb 7.8 oz (675 g)

  • Size: One Size

  • Length: 19 in (48.26 cm)

  • Material: Densified Beech Laminate / Hardened Tool Steel

Other Features

  • Axe comes with a hand finished removable and replaceable Type B Furnace Industries Ice pick

  • Type T Pick sold separately available HERE

  • Replacement Type B Picks available HERE

  • A softer swing as the wood absorbs shock of the pick strike offering increased sensitivity at all temperatures

  • Wood handle offers enhanced grip and thermal insulation

  • Hand finished handle offers multiple grip options

  • The KRONOS Ice Tool has a type T shaft

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DRY ICE® Tools are patented Indoor Ice Axes used by looping stiff rubber straps over the holds used in rock climbing gyms. The climbing motion is exactly the same as when ice or mixed climbing. Now you can prepare for the upcoming ice season, in your gym, without worrying about injuring someone or puncturing the pads with sharp points raining down from above.

Technical Specifications

  • DRY ICE Tools are sold in pairs.

  • Weight per Pair: 1lb 4oz (574g)

  • Length: 21 in (53.34 cm)

  • Width: 1 in (2.54cm)

  • Height: 1.75in (4.44cm)



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We developed ICICLES® in response to overwhelming requests from our customers for a tool with a smaller handle for climbers with reduced volume hands.  ICICLES feature a similar handle design as our popular DRY ICE® Tool with one major difference, the handle size has been reduced by 30%.  The strap design is the same as our on our full size DRY ICE Tool, making the straps interchangeable between tool sizes.

Technical Specifications

  • ICICLES are sold in pairs.

  • Weight per pair: 12.5oz (354g)

  • Length: 18.5 in (47 cm)

  • Width: .625 in (1.6 cm)

  • Height: 1 in (2.54 cm)

Replacement Straps for DRY ICE Tools and ICICLES

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Sold in Pairs

Weight per Pair: 6oz (170g)