Ice climbing. It’s cold and hard, windy and wet. It can be just miserable. But at the end of the day, coming home with that end-of-day rosy winter glow to a beer, a fire in the fireplace, and canoodling with your significant other can lend deeper meaning to "screw placements”.



Here are 9 mildly researched reasons climbers of the frozen

are better at bringing the heat.

-Wrestling with icicles in the cold increases muscle mass and chews up body fat. As a result ice climbers tend to be more content with their individual fitness making them be more attractive to themselves and others. Not only do ice climbers look and feel good about their bodies, they’re also better prepared for whatever their partners choose to do in the sack.

-Due to the steep nature of many ice climbs, Ice climbers tend to have strong cores, good for thrusting and balance during sex.

-From all the tool swinging, ice climbers tend to have strong triceps, enabling them to get good sticks in those on-top positions.

-Because high steps and steep approaches to climbs increase blood flow to the pelvic region (making orgasms more intense), they’re an incredible exercise for enhanced performance.

-After being wrapped up in hats, jackets, and multiple pairs of long underwear all day, ice climbers are quick to drop those layers to the floor, all of them, and plunge into any available hot tub / sauna / double-thick down comforter.

-Ice climbers work their core muscles with every kick and swing, toning their lower back and abdominals.  This work not only awakens these muscles, but also all the neural pathways that enhance sexual pleasure.

-Women sometimes shy away from on-top positions during sex often because of the exertion involved. Women who slug their way up frozen waterfalls tend to have increased stamina.

-Many times while climbing ice, climbers have to stem between icicles. Stemming increases blood flow to muscles in the pelvis and groin, which means increased sensation and easier orgasms.

-The release of endorphins while ice climbing relieves mental tension and leaves us with the feeling of positive energy. Endorphins not only make ice climbers feel great, but prime the release of sex hormones such as testosterone, improving libido.