It's 15 December and it's 63° F (17° C).

If you live in the Northeast of the USA, you fall into one of two categories:

Cat 1: You are amped because you're rock climbing season never ended.

Cat 2: You are the opposite of amped because you have your ice gear all packed and there is simply no ice.

At FI we fall squarely into Cat 2, the main reason being we've just launched our new KRONOS and we want to get them into climber's hands.  Turns out, northeastern climbers can't try your amazing ice tool if there's no ice to climb. Everywhere else on Earth, the conditions are perfect.

So East Coasters, to while away this 'July at Christmas' phenomenon, (remember kids, climate change isn't real) we thought we'd point out 6 awesome things you can do until the mercury finally drops below 32° (it will I promise). There's even a bonus activity at the end of the post.

1. Watch some awesome movies about ice climbing.  This one by Tim Kemple comes highly reccommended.  It features DRY ICE Tool user Klemen Premrl and Rahel Schleb exploring wild ice in Iceland.

Also very worthy is Metanoia. An excellent, excellent film.

2. Read about sweet ice.  There is no shortage of mental adventure awaiting the curious reader.  We recently read Andy Kirkpatrick's Psychovertical and we're about to launch into his Cold Wars after meeting him in person and we have since been obsessed with the Frendo Spur.

Also highly worth anyone's time is The Tower by Kelly Cordes and Beyond the Mountain by Steve House. Both are great reads.

3. Travel to the ice! There's no rule that says you have to wait around in your home stomping gorunds for conditions to come in.  Heck, if you live in NYC, it's 5hrs to the Daks, where conditions are still meager, but that's about the same amount of time to FLY to Canmore AB, where the biggest, longest, raddest, and baddest ice routes in North America live. Some of them climbable year round. BOOM!

Dancing With Chaos WI6

4. Build that ridiculous home Dry Tooling wall you've been planning to build.  Now you can train like the pros, you just need to turn your backyard into a tower of pain that will likely get you uninvited from the neighorhood association's annual picnic. Still tho, there's a certain charm to being able to crush out some laps while little Bobby takes a nap.

5. Finally get around to having your ice screws sharpened.  Ice climbing is becoming large enough that there are now Ice Screw Sharpening services.  Two of note are: A Nice Screw, and (check out their Super Stubby option, yikes!) It's not easy to bring your screws back into tip-top, laser-fast-placement shape, and these guys will wave a magic wand (aka 3D CNC cutter) to breathe some new life into your rack. In fact, they can make the sharper even than when they were new!   

6. Dry Tool. Not DRY ICE Tool in the gym, but head out to some slag heap and pick you way up something.  Dry Tooling is serious business in Europe, why not in America?  Perhaps all this warmth will finally kick the ass of American climbers to get out and dry tool. Just don't head straight out to the most classic rock route with your sharpies.

Bonus: (Warning: Shameless Plug Ahead) Head to the gym and crank through some fig 4's and 9's on your DRY ICE Tools. Might as well use the time you were going to be ice climbing to get rock hard in the gym, right?. Most gyms set routes specifically for the tools, and if they don't ask them to set a couple. Don't have a pair? Well you can get some now! They're cheaper than a pair of rock shoes!