Furnace Industries is very proud to support the production of The Tom Frost Documentary, and you can support it too!

Tom Frost - Open Invitation from Flatlander Films LLC. on Vimeo.

A truly community project, producers Tom Seawell and Jeff Wiant have mobilized the ENTIRE climbing world in support of this project. Not one person or company has declined. In this manner, an unbiased, un-sponsored view of Tom Frost's life, contributions and acheivements in the climbing world.

Flatlander Films LLC. Indiegogo campaign - Tom Frost Documentary from Flatlander Films LLC. on Vimeo.

"The film is a tribute to the visionary who redefined climbing style, the engineer who helped revolutionize climbing equipment, the artist whose iconic photography documented the most celebrated first ascents on Yosemite's big walls, and the conservationist who lead the international effort to save historic Camp 4, the traditional home and meeting place for Yosemite climbers."  Steve Grossman

The film is building it's funding from the climbing community and you can be part of it.  By contributing, you can select from one of several hundred perks a pair of DRY ICE Tools to a day climbing with Hans Florine.

Do not wait.  Join DRY ICE and Support this project.