Who has the best holds? There are many many hold companies out there, and depending on your needs, at least one company has what you looking for.

We thought we'd take a moment to highlight one particular hold company that has partnered with DRY ICE Tools: eGrips.

Many climbers think that special holds are required to use DRY ICE Tools. This is untrue.  In fact, a route set specifically for DRY ICE Tools can easily be climbed as a regular climb in the gym. This feature of the tools makes gym owners happy, since they no longer have to dedicate certain routes for one activity.

eGrips has been setting the standard in the production of climbing holds for over a decade. Their line has over 1300 shapes with new designs added each month, and they manufacture our holds with the highest quality polyurethane.  Routesetters throughout the globe consistently name eGrips among their favorite climbing holds.

e-Grips Climbing Holds at ABS Nationals: Setting the Standard from Louder Than Eleven on Vimeo.

To make your search easier, eGrips has attached the DRY ICE Tools logo to hold sets they feel work best with the DRY ICE Tools:


Below is just a small sampling of eGrips hold sets that work best with DRY ICE Tools:



The list goes on and on. eGrips has many great hold sets for use with DRY ICE Tools. Head on over and check them out.