Last in our series profiling excellent holds for DRY ICE routes is Rock Candy.

Founded by Nathan and Liz Yokum and based in Akron, Ohio, Rock Candy Holds has been producing unique climbing holds since 2006. They offer climbing holds, hardware, route setting tools and accessories, gear, apparel, volumes, training holds, hangboards, and like DRY ICE Tools, holds made of wood.

What really sets Rock Candy apart is their approach.  Like DRY ICE Tools, Rock Candy is small. The company is really just one guy, Nathan Yokum, and two part timers. And yet they contantly put out top quality products with an attention to detail the we at DRY ICE Tools can relate to.

Their website is super easy to navigate.  They have a killer tumblr blog. With their massive following among routesetters, it's no wonder Rock Candy has risen to the top of the hold bucket.

Here are our top picks from the Rock Candy holds sets for DRY ICE routes:

Chunks Feet

Don't let the fact that someone thinks these are footholds dissuade you. These puppies are PERFCT for setting challenging DRY ICE routes.  Their tiny yet positive profile help brings climbers into the zone.  They make great footholds for tracking routes too.

Toadstools MD

A no brainer, the Toadstools are a great choice for beginner DRY ICE routes, or for use on super steep terrain. The ultra positive profile allows the strap of DRY ICE Tools to securely engage, without having to focus too much on the placement.

Crusty SM

Any hold in the Crusty line is an excellent choice for DRY ICE routes, but we like the small ones because they aren't too big to be brainless and not so small to be too marginal.

Carbonates SM

The Carbonates are great to for hard, vertical DRY ICE routes.  Like mixed placements outdoors, these holds will make the climber think about how to best set the tools for maximum engagement.

Cellulites SM

The Cellulites.  With just enough positivity to engage the tools these holds are an excellent choice for expert DRY ICE routes.  Use these on off-vertical to vertical terrain and climbers will thank you for it.

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