Next in our short series spotlighting hold companies that make great hold sets for use with DRY ICE Tools is Nicros.

Since 1992 Nicros has built over one million square feet of climbing wall surface! And they continue to crank out world class facilites like walls at University of Minnesota - Duluth, Georgia Southern University, and Grinnell College in Iowa.

UMD Sports & Health Center

Georgia Southern University

Grinnell College

They also make killer hold sets for DRY ICE Tools.  From slabs and vertical terrain, to steep lines and big roofs, Nicros has a complete line of holds that can make any DRY ICE dream come true. Here are few the we love:

Ball Crimps 2

Really, any set in the Ball Crimp line works great with DRY ICE Tools.  The extended textured portion of the hold is perfect for engaging the rubber strap.  Great for side pulls with the tools too.

Blockhead Jugs

A no-brainer, the Blockhead Jugs, with their uber positive profile, are an easy sell for use with DRY ICE Tools. What is really special is that the curve of the jug allow for use on really steep overhanging DRY ICE routes. Great for beginners and for doing mega amounts of laps to get strong.

Diff-Tex Roofs

Outrageously positve, the Diff-Tex Roofs make for extremely creative route setting on out-of-this-world-overhanging terrian. Fig 4 to fig 9, to... there are no limits with these puppies.

Micro Set 1

Woah baby! If you want to safely get that pick feedback that makes us much better ice and mixed climbers, this is the hold set for you.  DRY ICE Tools use a strap in place of a sharp pick for safety reasons.  Setting with very small, marginal, and in some cases sloping holds demands one's attention the way a pick set on a tiny edge brings the world into sharp focus. 

Ball Micros

It's the little things.  These holds are perfect, PERFECT for DRY ICE Tools.  The tiny textured features on these micros make them an outstanding choice for DRY ICE Tool routes that challenge the climber's ability to stay focused, keep balanced, and use core strength the stay on each placement.