It's September.  The first frost of the season has already come, and for us ice climbers, if our minds weren't already thinking about it in August, we're thinking about it now.  Gear is located, layers re-washed an nikwaxed, and the ever inspirational tick list takes shape in our heads.

These routes can be "just have to get that out of the way" routes, "that's at the top end of my abilities" routes, "destination" routes, or perhaps you just saw a cool pic of the route and you said: "I want to do THAT." 

At DRY ICE, we are ice and mixed climbers. When we're making, promoting, and selling tools, we are doing it with the end goal of climbing harder firmly in sight. That translates to a lot of daydreaming about routes.

Here is a quick photo tour of our (mostly) pure ice list tick list from North America:

The Sorcerer WI5 North Ghost, Canadian Rockies

The Last Gentleman WI5 Lake Willoughby, VT

Repentance WI5 North Conway, NH

Omega WI 5+ Cannon Cliff, NH

Octopussy WI6 M7-8 R Vail Amphitheater CO

Cleopatra's Needle WI5 Hyaiite Canyon, Bozeman MT

Stairway to Heaven WI5+ R Provo Canyon, UT

Donorcicle WI5 Joe's Valley UT

We don't know too much about ice climbing areas outside of North America, so share your dream route with us on our FB page.  Especially if you live in the Southern Hemisphere!