I love Rock and Ice.  I'm always checking their site to see what's going on in the clambering genre.  And every so often there is a headline that catches my attention:  WORLD's FIRST TRAD M10?

These kinds of headlines are always so funny to me because they are inevitably a lighting rod of commentary for climbers to point out holes in the reporting.  And in this instance, it's Rock and Ice themselves that reported on a previous all Trad M10, Mammut Athlete Chris Thomas's Fecalator in the Adirondacks of NY. Problem is, the link is broken and the article is no longer available on their site, so I guess they were unable to search their own archives.

At any rate, this is super badass dry tool action and I applaud all the efforts given, but perhaps the Austrian's headline grabbing is not the reason we should be climbing.

Here one of the Austrians finding gear on [one of] the world's hardest traditional mixed climbs. Senza Piombo (M10 WI5 140m). Photo by Klaus Kranbitter.

And here is the 'world's first trad M10 mixed climb', the Fecalator

Here's Tom Yandon belaying Will Mayo as he works the moves on The Fecalator Photo: Jim Lawyer.