I've been climbing in the Catskills since 2001, and I've climbed many of the prominent lines at this point. There was one however, that I dared not approach due to the diificulty and my questions of my own ability.

After training with DRY ICE Tools for a couple months, I had the opportunity to head into Hell Hole (Devils Kitchen in the guidebook).  It's an amazing feeling when you walk into a climbing area you've been to a bazillion times, and suddenly everything looks different.  I sized up Purgatory, a WI5- M5 and THE destination route in the Catskills, and I wasn't afraid.  I looked at it and thought, "Yeah.  I can do that."  DEY ICE got me there. 

Have a look at Ryan Stefiuk's wonderful blog entry about this amazing route on his site Bigfoot Mountain Guides.