Recently, DRY ICE was a sponsor at the 2013 MWV Ice Festival. We were able to meet face to face with new climbers, old climbers, drink great beer and make even greater friends at the mountain shop in North Conway, NH, IME.

When we left, IME became an outlet for DRY ICE Tools, and afterwards, whether it was too corny or not, I wrote Celia Wilcox, busniess manager at IME and Rick Wilcox's wife, this letter:

Ever since I was a young Boy Scout near Boston, I have been coming up to North Conway for hiking, skiing, and climbing.  IME was always my first stop, and sometimes my only stop.  I'd peruse the shop, dreaming of my own adventures to come, and Rick would be chatting up some customer, and I'd be too scared to say anything to him. I had read so much about him and his adventures. He was like a God to me back then, and he continues to occupy a place of reverence in my climbing psyche.

It is in this tone that I realize a dream has come true, in that with DRY ICE, I think I am finally able contribute back to climbing, a lifestyle that has given me so much.

Local Legends are the Best Legends.  To me, Rick Wilcox personified attention to the customer's needs, genuine generosity, and a clear dedication to climbing.
At DRY ICE, we are priorities are quality workmanship, climbing, and above all, our customers. Join the DRY ICE Revolution. Who knows where it'll take you?
Check out this Granite Films segment featuring Rick Wilcox talking about the eary days of ice climbing in the White Mountains of NH.