As Reported at Rock and Ice:

The Stanley Headwall, or THE Headwall of the Canadian Rockies, has had another big and hard route added, done ground up and in good style. The God Delusion (M8+ WI 5, 110 meters of new climbing) was completed by Raphael Slawinski, Juan Henriquez, with help from Wiktor Skupinski and Jerome Yerly. The line connects the dots of thin-ice features to the right of 2011’s Man Yoga, and includes three and a half new pitches before joining Man Yoga at pitch four. 

My favorite quote for all you DRY ICEr's: "’Formed," says Slawinski, “is a relative term. Having said that, you do need some ice for this route."

Slawinski on fat ice (it is all relative) on the second pitch of the new Stanley Headwall route God Delusion. Photo by Wiktor Skupinski.