Oh internet, you are ever giving and yet ever taking. It is in that tidal motion that we find gems buried in the internet sands...  Like this one.

People often ask me, "Why the heck would you climb ice?"  And my usual refrain is "Ice climbing's where it's at."  Then smile wryly, turn, and hope they don't pry deeper for an on the spot explanation of the partial psychosis that is the ability to live in the present tense, the now, the enjoyment of suffering.

I like to leave it to others, and today is no different.

Here is one man's existential journey dealing with that very issue brought to him by a mortality check on the NEI 5 Hackett-Tremblay in Grafton Notch, ME.  Perhaps Grafton’s most ephemeral route, it’s parasol effect makes for one of the most exciting and challenging objectives anywhere.

Check out the journey, inside and out, on this Northern New Englanders's blog: Shades of Granite.